The bag of bags

The Chanel Flap bag or Chanel 2.55

Who am I?

I think I've loved fashion from the day I was born. After years of studying I did an internship at a brand named  Valerie in Stocholm and a internship at H&M buying office in Stocholm from April to October 2011 where I also did research for my final dissertation.

I've worked as a patternmaker assistant at a swedish clothing company named Kappahl and as a garment technician at a swedish clothing company named Gina Tricot.


Flowers are always inspiring. The shapes and colors are so beautiful.

I bought these to decorate the diningroom table and decided to try to capture some of the beauty thru a lens.

Day and night

My own photos of the amazing Eiffeltower when i visited Paris in 2010.

Karl Lagerfeld for Metro

Karl for Metro

My submission

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Catch of the day

Dr. Martens with heels

An LBJ (little black jumsuit)


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Dreaming of summer

my own design with draping om the hips that give skinny girls more shape and hides the pocket openings

Meet Karl Lagerfeld

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Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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